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Company Profile

Driver Group Australia Corporate Structure

  • Driver Group Australia Pty Ltd (DGA) is owned 100% by the Driver Family.
  • The Business operates under four trading names: Driver Bus Lines, Driver Coastal, Gray Line and Great Sights.
  • DGA holds a 1/3 interest in "Australian Visitor Centres" retail tourism outlets.
  • DGA owns the Gray Line licenses for all of mainland Australia and has a 75% interest in Tasmania.
  • DGA owns the Greats Sights brand in Australia.

The businesses are:

  • Brand ownership and operation of Driver Bus Lines, Driver Coastal, Gray Line and Great Sights
  • School runs
  • School and general charter
  • Corporate and premium charter
  • National per capita sightseeing provider, directly or by licencee, in all capital cities and tourist destinations in Australia
  • Retail Sales operators in key tourist destinations
  • Property ownership when this supports the core business needs
  • Provider of sightseeing services to Gray Line sub-licencees


We will be a totally committed, profitable, quality operator of school buses, local charter, series charter, intrastate short haul, contract charter and sightseeing. We will operate premium vehicles in the sectors we participate in.

We are, and will remain, Australia’s #1 per capita sightseeing operator using Gray Line as our premium sightseeing and charter brand and Great Sights as our tactical great value sightseeing brand.

We will use Driver Bus Lines as our Melbourne school service and charter brand and Driver Coastal as our Mornington Peninsula school service and charter brand.


We are, and will remain, a family owned bus, coach and sightseeing operating company, focused on providing a quality travel experience for all of our customers. Our vehicles are maintained to best practice standards and our customers and staff are treated as extended family.


The Driver family’s values are the foundations on which Driver Group Australia is built. They are a set of beliefs which influence the culture within our organisation, how we conduct our business and how we conduct ourselves.

  • Allow the other person to give their point of view
  • Try and understand what the person is really saying
  • Step into their shoes
  • Take time to listen
  • Full and undivided attention
  • Identify with the person
  • Allow people to do more. Train them, empower them and have confidence in them
  • There may be two ways to achieve the same goal
  • When given a task follow through. Do not let the person down
  • Allow the person the opportunity to have a go
  • Look for problems in the system rather than blame individuals
  • Never hurt anyone mentally or physically
  • Seek to understand their point of view before making a decision that may affect them
  • Only discuss a person who is absent in positive terms
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt rather than jumping to conclusions
  • Do not back stab
  • Be ethical at all times
  • Do not lie or cheat
  • Do not gossip
  • Do not try to cover up your mistakes, particularly by blaming others
  • Be open and to the point
  • Be clear and factual
  • When you make a mistake, admit it, correct it and learn from it immediately
  • Show emotional support
  • Listen genuinely
  • Go out of your way to do that little bit extra
  • Praise people
  • Make time to care
  • Share good and bad
  • Acknowledge special occasions
  • Profitablility
  • Job security
  • Company security
  • Clear understanding of company policies & procedures
  • Sharing of information about the company
  • Give others credit where it is due
  • Be easy going with others
  • Be gentle
  • Encourage people
  • Praise people (one to one)
  • Do not dwell on things, show forgiveness
  • Our company is an extension of our family and your family
  • We are a large family
  • By living all our values
  • We are here to serve each other and our customers
  • Quality service - absolute best at all times
  • Smile on your face and in your voice
  • Nothing is too much trouble
  • Doing that little extra, go the extra mile

85 years of service - (1931-2016) 100% Australian Family Owned Business Partnering with local schools and businesses Wheelchair access vehicles available Wifi optional Transport Safety Victoria - Fully Accredited under the Bus Safety Act We use AdBlue for lower emissions